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Hotpot Restaurant London



Hotpot Heaven in the Heart of London

Welcome to Fei Er Cottage, where the time-honoured tradition of hotpot meets the heart of London’s culinary scene. We invite you on a journey to explore the depths of this revered Chinese practice, enhanced by an unlimited array of flavours and ingredients.

Looking for a Hotpot Restaurant in London?

If you’re seeking an authentic hotpot experience in London, Fei Er Cottage is your destination. Our hotpot is not just a meal; it’s a cultural immersion. With us, you’ll explore the essence of this beloved Chinese tradition, relished by generations.









 Social Distance Practices are place.


Please respect our house rules and care for other's well being

Why Choose Fei Er Cottage?

When it comes to hotpot in London, Fei Er Cottage offers an experience that transcends the ordinary. It’s a place where culinary tradition and modern dining converge, creating an unforgettable journey for your taste buds. Here’s a look at our unique offerings:

Unlimited Choices: At Fei Er Cottage, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of broths and ingredients. Our selection includes everything from the subtly flavoured chicken broth to the adventurous Sichuan peppercorn-infused soup.


Accompany these with an unlimited supply of premium meats, fresh vegetables, and exotic dips. Every visit presents a new opportunity to explore different combinations and flavours.


A Tranquil Retreat

Communal Dining at Its Best: The essence of hotpot lies in sharing, and we’ve created an environment that encourages just that. Gather around a steaming pot with friends and family, share stories, and create memories. Our cozy and welcoming atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for these shared moments.

A Taste for Every Palate: We understand that every diner has unique preferences. That’s why our menu is crafted to cater to everyone. Meat enthusiasts will revel in our selection, while vegetarians will find our plant-based options equally delightful and satisfying.

Expert Guidance: Whether you’re a hotpot aficionado or trying it for the first time, our knowledgeable staff are always ready to assist. They’ll guide you through the variety of ingredients and cooking times, ensuring your hotpot experience is both enjoyable and delicious.

Choosing Fei Er Cottage means stepping into a world where each hotpot session is an adventure!

About Us

Fei Er Cottage is more than a restaurant; it’s a sanctuary in the midst of London’s dynamic energy. Drawing inspiration from the tranquil Chinese countryside, our space is a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary elegance. Our distinctive features include:

A Peaceful Escape: Tucked away from the bustling streets of Victoria, Fei Er Cottage offers a serene dining environment. Our decor, featuring hand-carved decorations and Qing Dynasty illustrations, creates a soothing atmosphere that transports you to a different world.

Cultural Immersion: Every corner of Fei Er Cottage is infused with elements of traditional Chinese culture. Dining with us is not just about enjoying a meal; it’s an immersive experience that offers a glimpse into China’s rich historical tapestry.

Versatile Spaces: Designed to accommodate various occasions, our restaurant can host up to 70 guests. The private dining rooms, complete with hotpot and karaoke facilities, are perfect for intimate gatherings or lively celebrations. Whether it’s a small family dinner or a large party, we have the perfect space for your event.

Fei Er Cottage isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a place where food, culture, and comfort converge, offering a unique dining experience in the heart of London. Join us and discover the essence of Chinese hospitality and culinary artistry.


Dine in or Order Out Today

Eager for a hotpot experience that tantalizes your taste buds and warms your heart? To book your table or for more information, call us on 0207 222 1771.

Pick up or home delivery

 10% off

Minimum order £25

Home delivery / 2.5 miles radius

FREE Prawn crackers with order over £15

FREE A bottle of soft drink & prawn crackers with orders over £45

We Accept All Major Credit and Debit Card

Corporate / Office
Delivery Service

Office Delivery service Whether it's for a breakfast meeting or a working lunch, Fei Er Cottage's covers all your catering needs with a variety of wholesome options from Dimsum Selection, Chinese Roast, Sweet and Sour Hong Kong Dishes, Traditional & Authentic Dishes with Rice and Noodles dishes.

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