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The whole concept and idea of the Fei Er Cottage goes back to the old Chinese home cottages which could be found in the Chinese countryside as well as in the mountains.

People lived on farms and completely sustained themselves with home-produced foods from their own fish and animal farms, crops and spice gardens.

With that in mind the Fei Er Cottage is dedicated to creating a quiet, homey yet elegant space where friends and family can sit down, relax and have a chat while enjoying healthy and locally sourced traditional Chinese slow food and escaping from the big city life.


A staircase on the left-hand side from the takeaway leads away from the busy streets of Victoria into the basement of the China Centre and into a world where the time has stopped.


Step into the Fei Er Cottage and you will instantly slow down and feel a welcoming and homey atmosphere. Featuring spacious tables in dark wood or black marble design and ruby leather sitting areas in combination with hand-carved decorations and illustration from the late Qing Dynasty and

red-light lanterns, it feels like you are in a traditional Chinese farm restaurant.


In China people travel miles outside the busy city to dine in peace and quiet. You find this small retreat in the middle of one of London’s most vibrant places. 

The Fei Er Cottage can accommodate up to 70 guests. Every table incorporates a hot pot or steam pot. Together with two separate private dining rooms, that can each seat up to 8 guests and are equipped with a TV and karaoke, we can accommodate small parties that want to host an intimate meal or enjoy some karaoke. 

One of our private dining rooms also owns its own steam and hot pot. It can be booked for a combined diner to try the best of both our Sichuan hot pot and steam pot which is perfect for birthday parties, wedding celebrations or anniversaries. 

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