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Steamed Dumplings

Unlimited Dimsum in Westminster




11am - 4pm / 5pm - 10pm


12pm - 10pm

£29.50 Adult / £15.00 Child*

- under 9 years old (120 mins time limit)



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Unlimited Dimsum

If you’ve ever wished you could enjoy more than just a morsel or two of dim sum, Fei Er Cottage is your culinary wish-granter. Our all-you-can-eat dimsum buffet is not just a meal; it’s an experience that challenges the boundaries of your appetite.

With our adult price at £26.50 and a discounted rate of £15.00 for kids under 9, your dim sum buffet dreams can run wild for a generous 120 minutes! It’s the ultimate experience, and it’s here for you to enjoy at Fei Er Cottage.

Craftsmanship in Every Steamer Basket

Our chefs are masters in the art of dim sum. Each bite-sized offering is a result of hours of perfecting techniques, tastes and textures. And for those who appreciate a broader palette, we offer a tantalising array of Chinese barbecue and hot pots.

Authenticity in Every Corner

Step into Fei Er Cottage, and you’re stepping into an atmosphere reminiscent of a traditional Chinese cottage. The ambiance harmoniously blends with the food to offer an authentic experience that invites you to slow down and savour.


Celebrations Turned Feasts

Got a birthday, anniversary or corporate get-together on the horizon? What better way to celebrate than with an abundant selection of unlimited dimsum? At Fei Er Cottage, our space accommodates up to 70 guests—each one guaranteed to leave with a satisfied palate and an invigorated spirit.

We offer specialised menus, tailored arrangements and a dedicated team to ensure your celebration becomes the talk of the town. Whether it’s a milestone birthday or a spontaneous family reunion, our venue is well-suited for adding that extra touch of Orient to any occasion.

Safety and Comfort, Always

In these times, dining out can be fraught with worry. At Fei Er Cottage, we put your safety at the forefront of our operations. When necessary, social distancing measures are in place, tables are sanitised frequently and all staff adhere to the highest hygiene standards. 

This way, you can revel in the communal joy that our all-you-can-eat dim sum buffet brings without any concerns. We ensure that your dining experience is not just delightful but also entirely secure.

Bonus Delights for Your Palate

Who says surprises should be limited to special occasions? When you dine at Fei Er Cottage, the delights go beyond your plate. Orders above £15 net you some free prawn crackers, adding a crispy contrast to your dim sum delicacies. 

And if you’re planning a bigger outing that sees your bill pass the £45 threshold, we throw in a bottle of soda as well. It’s our little way of thanking you for making Fei Er Cottage your go-to dim sum destination.

Reserving Your Feast Is Just a Call Away

So you’re sold on the idea of indulging in a limitless dim sum experience? Excellent choice! Making your reservation is as simple as dialling 02072221771. 

Our courteous staff will guide you through the reservation process. Once your table is booked, all that’s left is to show up with an appetite and an eagerness for a culinary voyage you won’t soon forget.

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