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Ramen Bowl

Authentic Chinese 
Restaurant Westminster


Located in Westminster – right in the basement of the China Centre – is Fei Er Cottage, a small and cosy retreat from the busy city life, where eating out is still a communal experience.


Enjoy authentic Chinese dim sum, freshly made daily Chinese roast in Westminster and Victoria.


Our food is sourced locally and freshly made as you order. With stunning presentation and incredible quality and service, FeiEr Cottage creates an eating experience you will remember.






Please respect our house rules and care for other's well being

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Fei Fer Cottage
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Pick up or home delivery

 10% off

Minimum order £25

Home delivery / 2.5 miles radius

FREE Prawn crackers with order over £15

FREE A bottle of soft drink & prawn crackers with orders over £45

We Accept All Major Credit and Debit Card

Corporate / Office
Delivery Service

Office Delivery service Whether it's for a breakfast meeting or a working lunch, Fei Er Cottage's covers all your catering needs with a variety of wholesome options from Dimsum Selection, Chinese Roast, Sweet and Sour Hong Kong Dishes, Traditional & Authentic Dishes with Rice and Noodles dishes.

Allow 48 Hours Notice

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Looking for an eccentric venue for a gathering? Fei Er Cottage can accommodate large bookings, adding a touch of the Orient to your celebration. Social distancing practices are in place to ensure your safety without compromising the essence of community in dining. From the intimacy of a family reunion to the fun of a birthday bash, we’re ready to serve.

And with room to accommodate 70 people, we’re ready to serve you and your guests. We welcome you to elevate your weekend meals with our special brunch offerings. Our freshly made dim sum – each one a bundle of joy – is sure to kick-start your day on a delicious note. And what better way to spend a lazy Sunday than savouring a luxurious Chinese roast in the heart of Westminster?

Authentic Chinese Fare at Its Finest

Fei Er Cottage is an ode to Chinese culinary heritage, a celebration of authentic flavours and culinary craftsmanship. Every day, we delight our guests with freshly made dim sum and Chinese roast. Each plate arriving at your table is a labour of love, painstakingly prepared by our skilled chefs, brimming with the delectable flavours that have defined Chinese cuisine for centuries.

We bring to you the traditional tastes of Westminster and Victoria, each dish a testament to the rich culinary legacy of these regions. Whether you’re a fan of dim sum or the aromatic Chinese roast, at Fei Er Cottage, you’ll find an eclectic variety that promises to tantalise your taste buds.

Making Dim Sum

Locally Sourced, Lovingly Prepared

At Fei Er Cottage, we believe in the power of fresh, locally sourced produce. Our commitment to quality is apparent in each dish that leaves our kitchen. The ingredients are carefully selected from local suppliers and crafted into dishes that satiate not just your hunger but your soul too.

Every meal here is a sensory journey – the sight of a beautifully presented dish, the aroma that wafts from it, the texture as you take a bite, and finally, the incredible taste. With our relentless commitment to top-tier service, we promise an eating experience that goes beyond just another meal. At Fei Er Cottage, every dining encounter becomes a memorable event that you’ll cherish.

So come and join us on this culinary journey. Let us transport you to a world where food meets tradition, a world where each bite tells a story. Book your table at Fei Er Cottage today – the heart of Chinese cuisine in Westminster.

Calling All Vegans & Vegetarians

We believe in inclusivity and that extends to our menu. At Fei Er Cottage, there’s something for everyone. Vegans and vegetarians will find an array of dishes specially crafted to ensure no one misses out on the rich flavours of Chinese cuisine.


At Fei Er Cottage, our dishes are not merely cooked – they are curated with finesse. The genius behind our menu? A team of seasoned chefs, each one an ambassador of Chinese gastronomy, helming our kitchen. They weave together traditional recipes with modern techniques, creating dishes that resonate with the soul of China while delighting the contemporary palate.

Take part in the allure of Chinese cuisine and culture at Fei Er Cottage. Your table awaits – call us on 02072221771 for reservations or to place an order.

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