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Chinese New Year Restaurant London


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Welcome to Fei Er Cottage: Your Premier Chinese New Year Restaurant in London

Experience Tradition with Every Bite

Beneath the busy streets of London lies Westminster’s Fei Er Cottage—a sanctuary that revives the spirit of traditional Chinese cottages found in the serene countryside and mountainous regions of China.

At Fei Er Cottage, we’re not just about serving meals; we’re about offering an experience that harks back to a time when food was a celebration of homegrown bounty.

Our commitment to healthy, locally sourced traditional Chinese slow food in an elegantly homely setting provides a respite from the fast pace of city life, allowing friends and family to reconnect over a meal.







A Journey to Tranquillity

As you descend the staircase from Victoria into our world, you leave the temporal rush behind. Fei Er Cottage welcomes you into a space where time seems to stand still.

Our décor, with its dark wood tables, ruby leather seating, and late Qing Dynasty art, transports you to a traditional Chinese farm restaurant. Red lanterns cast a warm glow, inviting you to slow down and indulge in the rich tapestry of flavours that our chefs masterfully create.

With the capacity to host 70 guests, each table featuring its own hot or steam pot, Fei Er Cottage is an ideal locale for those seeking an intimate dining experience or a lively gathering with karaoke.

Our private dining rooms offer a more secluded setting for special occasions, each equipped with a TV and karaoke and one boasting its own steam and hot pot for a truly unique dining experience.

Stone Pot Fish  石锅鱼.JPG

Celebrate Chinese New Year in Style

Chinese New Year is more than just a festival at Fei Er Cottage; it’s a grand celebration of culture, cuisine, and community. As London’s premier Chinese New Year restaurant, we invite you to usher in the festivities with us. 

Our menu is inspired by the self-sustaining farms of rural China and features dishes that are a testament to the authenticity and depth of traditional Chinese cooking. From the succulent dim sum, each piece a work of art, to the luxurious Chinese roast prepared for special weekend brunches, we are the premier Chinese restaurant for birthday dinner celebrations and more. 

Safety Without Compromise

In these times, safety is paramount. At Fei Er Cottage, we adhere to rigorous social distancing practices to ensure the well-being of our guests without diminishing the communal joy of dining together. We welcome large bookings with open arms, ready to add Oriental flair to your gatherings, all while maintaining the highest standards of safety and care.


An Invitation to Feast

Fei Er Cottage stands as a tribute to the simplicity and richness of Chinese culinary tradition. Whether you’re looking to celebrate Chinese New Year, host a memorable event, or simply enjoy a peaceful meal away from the city’s clamour, we are here to serve you with open hearts and exquisite flavours.

Join us at Fei Er Cottage for an unforgettable Chinese restaurant birthday or New Year experience. For reservations and inquiries, please call us on 0207 222 1771. Let’s celebrate the art of Chinese cuisine together.

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