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Embark on an Authentic Pan Asian Culinary Journey

Fei Er Cottage: A Taste of Asia in the Heart of London

Welcome to Fei Er Cottage, your gateway to an extraordinary Pan Asian dining experience in bustling London. Here, we blend the essence of traditional Chinese slow food with a touch of modern elegance, catering to your quest for authentic, wholesome flavours.









Need to Spice Up Your Dining Routine?

At Fei Er Cottage, we recognise that dining is more than just eating—it’s an experience, a journey into a world of flavours and cultures. If your dining routine feels mundane, it’s time for a change. Step into our world, where each meal is a celebration of Pan Asian cuisine, crafted with care and presented with flair.


Transforming Meals into Culinary Adventures

Fei Er Cottage stands as a beacon for those who seek more from their dining experiences. We’re more than just a restaurant—we’re a haven for those who love to explore different cuisines. Our goal is pretty straightforward but meaningful: to turn each meal into a remarkable culinary journey.

Think of our menu as a vibrant tapestry of Asian flavors. Every dish we serve tells a story, filled with the flavors and scents of far-off places and age-old traditions. It’s like a culinary trip from the lively street markets of Bangkok to the peaceful tea houses of Kyoto. We invite you to come and explore the rich diversity of Asia through our dishes.

At the heart of our culinary offerings are our signature hot pots and steam pots, known for their depth of flavour and communal appeal. These dishes are not just meals; they’re experiences in themselves. Crafted with the finest ingredients and meticulous attention to detail, our hot pots and steam pots are celebrations of both taste and tradition.

But this is just the beginning. Beyond our celebrated pots, our menu features a plethora of dishes that pay homage to the rich tapestry of Pan Asian gastronomy. From succulent meats and fresh seafood to vibrant vegetables and aromatic spices, each ingredient is carefully selected to create a symphony of flavours on your plate.

A Sanctuary of Flavour and Fellowship

Imagine a place where you can unwind from the day’s stresses, a place that combines the warmth of a traditional Chinese home with the sophistication of modern dining. That’s Fei Er Cottage for you. It’s not just about the food—it’s about the conversations, the laughter, and the memories you create around our tables.

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About Us

Rooted in the rich heritage of Chinese countryside cottages, Fei Er Cottage is a tribute to timeless traditions and culinary excellence. Our chefs, true connoisseurs of Pan Asian cuisine, bring their expertise and passion to every dish. From the carefully selected ingredients to the artistic presentation, every aspect of your meal is crafted to perfection.

Behind the scenes at Fei Er Cottage is a team of culinary maestros and hospitality virtuosos. Each member brings a unique touch to your dining experience, ensuring that every visit is imbued with warmth, professionalism, and a hint of culinary magic.

Reserve Your Seats Today

Ready for an unparalleled dining experience? Let Fei Er Cottage be your next culinary destination. To embark on this flavourful journey, simply give us a call on 02072221771 and reserve your table. We’re excited to welcome you and transform your dining routine into an extraordinary adventure.

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Corporate / Office
Delivery Service

Office Delivery service Whether it's for a breakfast meeting or a working lunch, Fei Er Cottage's covers all your catering needs with a variety of wholesome options from Dimsum Selection, Chinese Roast, Sweet and Sour Hong Kong Dishes, Traditional & Authentic Dishes with Rice and Noodles dishes.

Allow 48 Hours Notice

Fei Fer Cottage
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